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Pittsburgh J.D.'s goal is to provide personalized services that help people feel confident in the law — not intimidated by it. Our research on demand is designed to be transparent, cost-effective, and focused on delivering business value in the form of reduced risk, time spent, and less inefficiency in the workplace.

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Our partnerships withZoomInfo, AirSlate, and Novo to make data-as-a-service, electronic content management, and business banking simple and effective. All Pittsburgh J.D. clients recieve discounted rates and training.


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Learn more about branding, automation, and directed research projects


When do you need a lawyer? provides legal information, not legal advice. This is a critical distinction. Only bar admitted lawyers can give legal advice. Juris Doctors understand the law and can provide "legal information" to the public.

April, 3 min read

Design & Branding

Why invest in your digital brand?

Your customers are online and you should be too - that's why we design colorful & energetic illustrations using a suite of software tools. This article explains the importance of having a vivid and beautiful digital brand.

April, 3 min read

Workflow Automation

How to increase productivity?

Repetetive tasks make us less productive. This article teaches you how to eliminate the most monotonous and time-consuming portions of your workflow with programable automations.

April, 3 min read

Research On Demand

What is research on demand?

Our team of researchers generate professional reports in a short time frame so you can focus on running your firm, or business. Sit back and relax while our AI and ML work for you.

April, 3 min read