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Sometimes professionals have a tough time answering complex questions about law, compliance, or technology. Our team of professional research analysts conduct research on demand projects for startups, small businesses, and individuals.


What is Research-As-A-Service?

The internet is an amazing learning tool, but competing sources of information can be overwhelming. Our AI-powered research team cuts through the noise to provide valuable insights.

Research on demand can help you save thousands of dollars in research costs by allowing startups, small businesses, and individuals to access information they might not otherwise afford.

Pittsburgh JD provides accurate information that is easy to understand and offers the best results - we don't need to fill pages with fancy fonts or large margins to convince you of our expertise.

Research On Demand

For Lawyers, Startups, and Individuals

We allow legal professionals to focus on their practice rather than learning software and researching complex legal topics. We can help you save time, money and automate your legal research. We provide highly detailed and thoroughly researched information at a fraction of the cost.

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