Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a Bitcoin scaling solution that allows counterparties to create bi-directional payment channels. These channels route liquidity across the network and may be settled on-chain when the parties' course of dealing comes to an end.

  • Instant Settlement
  • Tor Compatible
  • Get Paid in Bitcoin
  • Access to Strike API


Install Umbrel on Raspberry Pi so you can regain privacy and sovereignty. Easily self-host documents, media, and more to break free from big tech and government.

  • Personal Server
  • Bitcoin & Lightning Node
  • Private Cloud
  • Ad & Tracker Blocking
  • Network-Wide Protection
  • Native App Store


Explore services on the decentralized web, learn about metamask and other wallets, understand how smart contracts work.

  • Nodes Explained
  • Mining Explained
  • Wallets Explained
  • Hot v. Cold Storage
  • Smart Contracts
  • Digital Assets


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Document Automations

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Fintech Banking Solutions

Novo Banking

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